(Wednesday, Nov 12, 2014 5:09)

I have been working with Fenny for the last 6 months. She is great! First, she is very professional. The work environment is clean and she takes great care to make sure the room is comfortable and conducive to relaxation. Once she gets started, her talents become clear. I am still a very active person with sports and exercise, although my age might suggest I slow down a bit. I don't give in to that,but, it does take my body longer to recover. The tightness that I experience really requires a therapist with great knowledge of the body but also the ability to apply the needed pressure. Fenny is strong and is able to apply what is needed to get the muscles to obey. That being said, the massage is never painful. She communicates clearly and often. I also lead a very stressful life. So, I need massage to not only work out kinks in muscles, but, also to decompress. Fenny has a unique ability to apply a sports type massage while still creating an experience that is soothing and incredibly relaxing. I don't fall asleep easily, anywhere. But, I find myself drifting off commonly during my appointments with Fenny.

I have seen therapists now for 15 plus years. I can honestly say that Fenny is very special and consider yourself fortunate if you are able to schedule a session!!


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    Charlie (Wednesday, 30 January 2013 15:57)

    With over 20 years of back and neck pain, I've sought treatment from multiple providers. I have been treated by various massage therapists, but none have compared to the expert treatment by Fernanda. She is capable of applying specific methods which focus on the pain I’m experiencing without a regimented or general routine. I am very grateful and relieved to have found a specialist with a proficiency in healing and extensive range of skills.

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    Ryan Johnsen (Friday, 07 December 2012 08:34)

    I have been going to Feni for massage for over a year now. She is by far the best masseuse I have ever been to. No matter how much stress or pain I have when I walk in Feni finds a way to alleviate it all before I leave. Her oils and aroma therapy are a perfect addition to the already fantastic massage.

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    Char Vandekieft (Monday, 30 April 2012 07:34)

    I have had neck pains and stiffness for about two years, It has become much more painful the last 10 months. I have also had my right hip that has become more painful than it has ever been. I also have fibromylgia thoughout my body which causes a lot of pain and stress. The more pain I have the more stress I have. I have received three aromatherapy massage therapy sessions from Fernanda Santiago at her spa. I am feeling so much better, after each time I go, I feel so much more pain relief and stress relief. Fernanda has more experience and knowledge than anyone else that I have ever known. I have learned so much from Fernanda about my own body and what it does and what can be done by massage therapy. I will continue my massage therapy with Fernanda every two weeks so she can reduce my pain and stress. I am so happy to have met Fernanda and now I am finally on my way to a better quality of life.

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    Andy Chatfield (Friday, 30 March 2012 18:37)

    Fernanda gives one of the best massages I have ever experienced - I went back to visit her again four days after my first session! Can't wait to see her in Cary again soon.

I wanted to pass along some great news related to my recent 102 Mile Century Bike Ride. I set a personal record (PR) for a century, a few minutes over five hours, with an average speed of 20.1 MPH, finished in the lead group and was leading the race for nearly 50 miles.
As you know, over the years I have had several issues with cycling longer events, to include severe leg cramps, neck and back issues and compartment syndrome. I did not experience any of these issues during the century event. In fact, it was the best ride I ever had on the bike from a performance and endurance perspective.
Overall, the deep tissue massage treatments have helped my recovery, relaxation and I find I am sleeping more restfully. The cupping therapy has relieved the compartment syndrome tingling and numbness in my legs. The persistent inflexibility in my neck and back has also been relieved. Finally, I noticed that during every day activities, I am more limber and spry. Feeling much better, at 50+ a few years! -G.C (10/28/13)

"I had so much energy after drinking my MochaTonix that I had to stop working and go to the gym. I feel really energized!"  -I.J

Yolanda H. 11/19/15

"Fernanda was very gentle patient and understanding. I enjoyed the warm stones that She used. It was a relaxing atmosphere. "


Nancy C.11/16/15

"I enjoyed the massage and the skills Fernanda employed to stretch out joints and muscles. Great complement to my yoga..."


Joel M. 11/12/15

"Wow!! I feel incredible!!! I was extremely pleased with entire process!! From filling out some fast easy to follow forms to feeling like I should be able to walk on water!!! I would recommend Fernanda Santiago to anyone seeking professional, knowable treatment!! #JNetwork"


Cheryl C. 11/09/15

"Fernanda is extremely professional, a complete expert at what she does, made me feel totally comfortable and at ease and provided an amazing Thai yoga session I will not soon forget. I feel amazing after having had this kind of bodywork done. I will definitely book another session with Fernanda. "


Kim B.10/10/15

"Neuromuscular therapy skills!"


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